Freneticly is a social trading platform that connects Creators with stock market investors.

Follow your favorite Creators. Chat and trade alongside them in the same messaging platform.

Our unified messaging and social trading platform
is easy and free to use

Bring the power and insights of social media to your stock market investing.
Freneticly charges zero fees unless you make at least a 5% profit on a trade.


Find expert traders that invest in the kinds of companies you like. Read their reviews vetted by others. Subscribe to join their chat room and follow their trades.


Get to know their stock trading ideas. Chat with them when you want, where you want – all inside your favorite messaging app.

Copy Trade

When a Creator makes a trade in their account, you receive an automated alert within seconds. With one simple tap on your phone, you can make the same trade. Or you can skip it - the final decision will always be yours.


All stock trades are executed commission free. You pay a small fee only if you make a profit copying a Creator’s trade. (Standard options contract and regulatory fees from your brokerage may apply.)

Freneticly is building a community of stock market investors that value genuine and transparent relationships with one another.

Why is this authenticity important and why now?

Traditionally, the financial services industry markets itself with confusing and simplistic financial metrics, such as IRRs and Sharpe ratios, that do not resonate with most people.

Social media offers powerful insights into the stock market. But it can be rife with FOMO and FUD. Investors need ways to detect signal from noise.

Today’s messaging apps allow for more convenient ways for investors to communicate, where Creators with the best ideas flourish and their Followers are empowered to ask questions.

Are you ready for a better way to find like-minded investors and trade stocks together?

Lets move past obsolete labels like financial advisors and clients.

Freneticly builds an ecosystem where the best ideas prevail, talented Creators rise to the top and the entire community can benefit financially.

Now substance and hustle matter more than whether you carry a Wall Street business card.

Freneticly creates 100% alignment between Creators and their Followers.

Unlike other social trading platforms, Freneticly charges zero fees unless you make money first. Our fee is charged only on a small portion of your profits and goes mostly to Creators so they can keep generating great stock ideas.

You see every trade made by your favorite Creators; no more FOMO or FUD. Just a degree of alignment and transparency that has never happened before in the financial services industry.

Freneticly mobile mockup

Freneticly’s social trading platform is comprised of the following:

  • 1
    You can be a Creator, a Follower or both. Creators are reviewed by the user community. Each Creator has their own Discord chat room where they can communicate freely with their Followers.
  • 2
    When you first register for Freneticly, you will link us to your existing brokerage account. If you don’t have a brokerage account, we will help you create a new one with one of our preferred brokerage partners.
  • 3
    When a Creator places a trade order inside their account, Freneticly automatically sends alerts to their Followers. Within that notification, you can easily copy the same trade for your account, or you can skip it - the final decision will always be yours.
  • 4
    All trade orders, executions and account statements are handled seamlessly in your separately owned brokerage account. You receive the same security and insurance safeguards as with a traditional brokerage firm.
  • 5
    When you close out your long or short position, a small fee is charged on any profits you make over 5%. If you make less than 5% profit or have a loss, then no fees are charged. This fee-on-profits model helps Creators monetize their content while incentivizing only the best stock ideas.
  • 6
    How does Freneticly make money? Freneticly charges Creators a small portion of the moneys they earn. This way, we can continue to grow our platform while Creators retain most of the fees as reward for their hard work.
  • Do you like to invest using ETFs and market indices?

    With Freneticly, now you can create a custom basket of stocks chosen by your favorite social media Creators.

    Follow them into their best trade ideas with just one click and let them do the heavy lifting for you.


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